Thursday, May 26, 2011

s90 - Jualmotor Honda s90

Motor : .Rp. 1,75 jt
Location : bandung JABAR.
Date : 14 May 2011

Jual motor Honda s90 gan. Kelengkapan nya sebagai berikut:.surat : Bpkb & Stnk. Pajak : Mati. Kondisi : Mesin Mati (baru beberapa hari).Pengapian : CDI. HONDA. Model: s90.: Bekas. Moped. Tahun buat: 1974. Kilometer: 1000000. putih. Harga: Rp. 1750000 Juta. Harga Nego. contact:.yrenza. No. Telepon: 022-92807494. Penjual: Pribadi. Kode Pos: 45218. Kirim Email. Kota: bandung. Lokasi: JABAR.

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S90 - S90 Honda Jualmotor

Price : Rp. 1.75 mil.
Item : Motor : HONDA Bekas.
Seller :Contact : bandung JABAR..

Selling Honda S90 gan. Its completeness as follows:. Letter: BPKB & Registration. Taxes: Dead. Condition: Death Machine (new few days.) Ignition: CDI. HONDA. Model: S90.: Ex. Mopeds. Year created: 1974. Kilometres: 1 million. white. Price: Rp. 1750000 Million. Price Negotiable. contact:. yrenza. No. Phone: 022-92807494. Seller: Private. Postal Code: 45218. Send Email. City: bandung. Location: JABAR.

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Before deciding to buy certain advertised Honda motorcycle

  1. After finding one  particular Honda ads you are interested in, don't stop looking. Look other ads that match criteria once more. It is always a better thing to have choices.
  2. Check model, price, location, description and related information of Honda motorcycle that found interesting, before contacting the seller. Don't be fooled by spiced ad words, just see the detail of the Honda ads.
  3. When you decided to contact the seller, please check that he/she is a trusted seller. Many web sites allow users to post comments about certain thing or someone. Those posted comments are may really give you information to avoid you being scammed. So it is a good thing to google the seller and try to get as much information you can get about him / her.
  4. Make appointment to meet the seller in public place. Check item's condition throughly, validate item's paper to local authority. Some persons or groups might trying to sell stolen motors to you. If you don't really careful about this, you will might end up in trouble with the law in your region. So be very careful. Validate / authenticate motor's papers before buying one.
  5. To avoid scam or some kind of fraud. Do not transfer any money if the Honda motorcycle has not been checked or not hand to you. Only transfer if the item is already in your hand.